We DO NOT Repair Tractor Trailers.
We DO NOT Repair Tractor Trailers.
We DO NOT Repair Tractor Trailers.

-This 5'x10' Trailer - Holds 6,400 lbs or 283 cubic feet.

Emergency Cold Storage

We provide limited 24/7 emergency cold storage in the greater Atlanta area. Our goal is to deliver it within 4 hours, when requested, in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.  If you have a walk-in cooler go down we are willing to deliver any of our available mobile cold storage units which work as both coolers and freezers. Emergency delivery costs $295, $145 more than the normal $150 delivery fee with less than 24 hour notice. 

The onboard generator literally allows us to cool the trailer as it is moving down the highway.  We can literally start cooling the trailer before we leave the lot and deliver a cooler\freezer trailer in the process of cooling.

Mobile Icebox is owned by the Harris family which also owns Dependable Repair Services and has been providing commercial refrigeration repair over 40 years in the Atlanta area. The outgrowth of mobile icebox came from the need to fill that emergency storage need while repairing commercial refrigeration units. We can literally deliver a trailer and repair man 24 hours a day.

Emergency Pricing

Pickup & Delivery with-in 25 miles of central Atlanta GA - $295 - Plus $150 per Day*

*Because we are trying to respond to your emergency and need to locate trailers we will likely have to pay premium prices if trailers can be located. Because the owner is in the refrigeration business he undersstands the situation of restaurateurs.

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