-This 5'x10' Trailer - Holds 6,400 lbs or 283 cubic feet.

Small Refrigerated Trailer Rental - Charlotte North Carolina

So, you’re looking for a small refrigerated trailer rentalin the Charlotte North Carolina area.  Well you’ve come to the right place!  We rent small refrigerated trailers that are convenient and adaptable to almost any situation that includes transport or storing 6,500 pounds or less of refrigerated products.  The low step and deck make it easy to use and enter.

For small refrigerated trailer rental in the Charlotte area call us at (866) 226-0250.  Our representative will inform you what is available and help you decide which is best for you.  Our sister company, Small Refrigerated Trailer Sales, can help you if you’re looking to buy your own small refrigerated trailer.

Small Refrigerated Trailer Rental for Storage

We will deliver and set up your small refrigerated trailer or you can pick one up at our compound.  Emergency 4-hour delivery service is available 24/7 when trailers are available.  We can start refrigeration before the trailer leaves the compound to ensure when it is delivered it can immediately start refrigerating your products. All of our small refrigerated trailers can be set as a freezer or cooler trailer operating from 10° to 42°.  All rental units are NSF certified and cleaned for delivery.  The doors opened to quickly load two palette loads by a forklift.  Doors are lockable.

Small Refrigerated Trailer Rentals are Economical.

All our trailers are economical compared to refrigerated box trucks or refrigerated vans.  Special weekly and monthly rates are available.  We take all major credit cards.  In

Small Refrigerated Trailer Rental Uses

Small refrigerated trailer rental has become the preferred option for many entrepreneurs, major corporations and nonprofits that need portable refrigeration or cold storage situation.  They have been used by flower shops for extra storage during major holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Restaurants and refrigeration repair companies have used them as temporary storage when walk-in coolers need repair.  Deer hunters use them to refrigerate food for a hunting trip and remote cold storage for their catch.  Entrepreneurs use them for catering events, festivals and barbecues.  Governments use them after hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.

Small Refrigerated Trailer Rental For Deliveries

Small refrigerated trailers are ideal for deliveries the cause they can be towed by any full-size pickup or SUV.  They require no special commercial driver’s license or special insurance.  They are easier to maneuver than box trucks or semis and hold more than vans or slip in refrigerated truck bodies.  Onboard generators provided refrigeration in remote locations or while being transported.  Just refill the gas on the generator when you refill the gas for your truck and key product refrigerated even if driving across the country.  The gas tank will run the generator for about 10 hours that half of capacity.

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