We DO NOT Repair Tractor Trailers.
We DO NOT Repair Tractor Trailers.
We DO NOT Repair Tractor Trailers.

-This 5'x10' Trailer - Holds 6,400 lbs or 283 cubic feet.

Freezer Trailer Rental - Atlanta

Mobile IceBox supplies freezer trailer rental in the Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga area. Mobile IceBox is locally owned and operated.  Portable freezer rentals and refrigerator rentals from temporary storage for seasonal use or emergency short term storage.  We can supply a mobile cooler trailer for a floral shops use for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day or a restaurant while yourwalk in cooler is repaired or most any commercial refrigeration repair.  Mobile refrigerated trailers may be the perfect solution for that big event.  We offer daily weekly and monthly rate rentals.  We offer water proof commercial temperature-controlled portable units such a small reefer trailer rentals and small commercial refrigerator trailers for rent.  For any small mobile cold storage needs you can turn to Mobile Icebox to fill all of your refrigerated trailer needs in the Atlanta area. We accept Visa, Mastercard and most other creditcards.

Our sister company, Small Refrigerated Trailer Sales, can help you if you’re looking to buy your own small refrigerated trailer.

Freezer Trailer Rental Uses

  • Catering or Businesses - Flowers, Food, Bakers
  • Fairs and Festivals - Tailgate Parties, Marathons,
  • Special Events - Weddings, Corporate Parties, Family Reunions
  • Floral or Fruit for Holidays -Valentives, Mothers Day, Christmas Parties
  • Emergency Cold Storage - Commercial Refigeration Repairs, Disasters
  • Remote Locations - Deer Camp - Remote

Freezer Trailers Rentals are Ready

All small refrigerated trailers are inspected and sanitized before the unit is delivered.  Emergency 24/7 units can be delivered in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area within 4 hours.  Optional on board generators can start cooling the unit before it even leaves our compound.  Setup and transfer can be initiated in less than 30 minutes.  That means you can start loading our small refrigerated trailer in as little as 4 ½ hours.

Freezer Trailer Rentals are Ice Trailer Tuff!

We use trailers built by Polar Temp as ice trailers which are notorious for being overloaded. None of our trailers are retrofitted cargo trailers. All units are fully lit & insulated to accommodate your refrigeration needs and have curtains to help keep the cold in. They will maintain 42° to -10° and can be set to any point then 10+-. Racks and shelving units are available. All units can be plugged into standard household outlets, 120 V 20 amp service, or remote areas generators are available. 

Pick-up & Delivery of Freezer Trailers

We will deliver the trailer and pick it up when you’re finished. The driver will level the trailer, within limits, of the location. 110 V 20 amp service must be provided within 50 feet of the location or arrangements for a generator need to be made.

Freezer Trailers Offer More Options

Our trailers are Refrigerated Pull Behind Trailers which means they can be pulled by most pickups depending on the total weight being transported. Then add the 110 electrical service and almost anyone should consider our small refrigerated trailers as an option.

Refrigerated Truck Rental Alternative

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Refrigerated Van Rental Alternative

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